Burnbrae – A lot goes into a little

Under the premise of "a lot goes into a little," we were called upon to represent the healthy and responsible living behind burnbrae farms.

A sixth-generation canadian family business, which takes great pride in their heritage, with a mission to ensure all their products are farmed responsibly and sustainably for the good of our planet.

Mixed Media
Motion Design

Our challenge was to achieve a blend of techniques that allowed us to showcase the universe behind free range chicken farms, from the gestation of the egg to the table of each family.

Just like that, we immersed ourselves into a world full of colors where we played with various techniques and tools, such as 2D and 3D animation, live action, and artificial intelligence. Looking to balance out the visual tale and the strong family story, and depicting it in a unique and colorful way.



From sketch to 3D

We also did some ilustration by hand and mixed it with traditional animation.

It´s always a great satisfaction looking at the early stages of the process side by side to the final result


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